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Work Style: The Sheath Dress

One thing I love about Spring is being able to bring out my favorite pieces that are lighter in color or have a beautiful floral print.  During the Winter months, I tend to keep many of my wardrobe colors on the darker side like blues, blacks and browns.  By the end of winter, its more like a “wardrab” instead of wardrobe!  However, when Spring finally arrives, it is a welcome change to be able to shift my work style from dark and dreary to pops of color.  The transition can be tricky because as Winter releases its icy grip and Spring takes hold, temps can fluctuate significantly.  However, to help you keep up with these fluctuations and be able to bring in some Spring style, the sheath dress is a great wardrobe piece to have in your closet.

Why the sheath dress?

Well, it has been around for many, many years.  As a matter of fact, it is noted in Egyptian times as it can be seen in many of their art pieces.  This is a classic that truly has stood the test of time.  Why has it been around for centuries?  Its’ versatility.  Whether its the print, ruching, color, or how it is accessorized, one can get many different looks starting with a sheath dress.  It can take a professional from the office to a night out on the town seamlessly.  For the office, one can pair with a cardigan or short jacket and some great wedges or flats.  For an elegant night-look, put on a pair of heels, remove the cardigan and add a phenomenal statement necklace.  Versatility!

I pulled some great examples currently available at Nordstrom.  Note that this is an affiliate link and you can read my full disclosure here.  I pulled many different price ranges, styles, and fabrics to show just how versatile this piece can be in your wardrobe.

What can I add to the look for the office?

 One of the best pairings for a sheath dress is a cardigan.  Like the dress, there are so many styles to choose from.  You can choose a long and flowy cardigan that gives off a casual vibe and then you can choose a more fitted or formal piece.  Either way, you cannot go wrong!  This turns a beautiful sheath dress into the perfect daytime look for the office.  The cardigan will also keep you warm in an office environment.  We all know how tricky office temperatures can be.  With this look, you can maintain comfort.
 Even though where I live I am expecting snow tomorrow (in mid-April), I have already broken mine out a few times.  I was able to shed some of the dreariness of Winter wools and dive wholeheartedly into a few floral and lighter colors.  Due to the current weather here, Spring is a state of mind and it is helping me get by!  If you do not currently own a sheath dress, give it a try!

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