Quick, One-Day Flight: What’s in My Work Bag

Traveling for work is something I have been doing for many years.  I actually love it.  Please don’t tell the hubs!  Outwardly, I whine and complain but inside I am giddy and excited to dodge my regular household chores!  I truly believe it makes me a better person.  At least, its what I tell myself and the hubs.  It allows me to meet new people, see new places and forces me to spend some serious time alone with my thoughts and come up with ideas like this blog!  For me, one of the harder trips to pack for are the quick ones where you fly out early in the AM and return by night.  I anticipate a flurry of activities with no real down time- except during the flight.  As I go through and systematically pack my bag, I am sharing with you what’s in my work bag.

The Bag

Since I am flying out early int he AM and returning the same day, I really do not need to pack very much.  Completely different story if I am spending a night or two!  This is why I will be carrying my Henri Bendel Gotham Tote.  It is made out of beautiful, black pebbled leather with gold hardware.  It has a brown silken lining with several pockets – including 2 that are zippered.  Oh and the smell: leather!  It’s just divine.  Although this bag was from a collection a few years back and no longer available, I have linked a similar tote with the same beautiful pebbled leather.  This is the best work bag I have ever purchased.  I used to buy the ones you see at TJ Max and it would last me about 2 months (if I was lucky) before strings would fray, zippers would break, or the “leather” would crack.  That does not look very professional.  I would then have to start searching for another bag all over again.

I decided to go all in and make an investment in my bag rationalizing that the life span of  Henri Bendel at full use should be about 3 years before any major flaws occurred.  Mathematically, that comes out to .59 cents a day! The investment made total sense.  A cheap bag shows wear after 2 months and would cost about .75 cents per day.  Did I tell you that I can rationalize anything?

Pro Tip

One thing I will use to create additional organization within my bag will be the Ipsy bags I used to receive with my subscription box.  They are just the right size to contain a lot of different necessities so that you stay organized, stylish, and discreet.  I have one to hold my cords and power-banks. One will also hold feminine products and the other will hold a variety of items that I may need to freshen up during the day.  These little bags are amazing in all of their potential uses.

The Notebook

I suggest you invest in a really good notebook.  When in meetings, there is always something you may need to write down and it shows that you are prepared.  There is nothing worse than being in a meeting and looking unprepared by asking for a pen or paper.  For my notebook, I chose the Circa line from Levenger.  Shown is my Bomber Jacket Circa made from beautiful soft-grain leather upon which I have my name stamped on the front cover.  Oh and the leather smell!  The paper is amazingly thick (no ink bleed through) and I love the versatility of the various types of note-taking formats available.


What Else will my Gotham Tote Contain

Again, since this is such a short business trip, I will pack very minimally.  Here is the full list:

  • Good Vibes Only Mini Bag
    • Feminine products (you just never know)
  • Black / Gold Mini Bag
    • Tresemme Hair spray
    • The Body Shoppe Hand Cream in Almond Milk & Honey
    • Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer
    • Soap & Glory Extreme Plump Lip Gloss
      • It does feel really weird when applied but it gives a little bit of pucker to the lips
    • Rimmel’s Kate Moss lipstick in the color 08 pink
      • It gives me just a touch of color
    • Covergirl Tru Blend Face Powder
      • This is a matt finish that does not look cakey
      • It will help me look refreshed and not oily after my flight
    • Wet Ones
      • You never know
    • Hair ties and bobby pins
      • in case my hair is extra crazy
  • Blue/Orange Mini Bag
    • Cube
    • lightning cable/earbuds
    • Charger
      • I really like the style pictured because I can plug my phone into it and  I don’t have to fumble with a cord or second device as it is all attached
  • Food
  • Gum
    • Not pictured and always needed

So, as you can see, I will only be bringing the necessities on this trip.  I will not need my laptop or iPad so I am going to keep it as light as possible.  What are your go-to necessities on a short day trip for work?  Let me know in the comments!

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