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Finding Your Balance

The Balance of Work-life & Home-life

Sometimes in life, you may suddenly realize a whirlwind around you.  Everything is happening so fast you are feeling out of control.  You are spinning on the wheel of life and the spinner is starting to go faster than you can keep up.  Sooner or later, one of two things will happen.  You will either keep pace with the wheel or the wheel will oust you.  Most likely, it will be the latter.  It’s not for a lack of trying but in all honestly, life nowadays happens at the speed of light.  Whether we are talking work-life, home-life or both, it’s coming fast and furious.

Has this ever happened to you?  It certainly has happened to me.  I spent a lot of time running to work, running home, running here and running there.  So much so that I can honestly say, I felt such intense pressure and disappointment.   I mean, is this it? Is this what I have been working so hard to accomplish?  What was I thinking!  My work-life out-balanced my home-life significantly.  Commuting time, early meetings, late meetings, and travel.  This delicate balance between work-life and home-life was thrown off and homeostasis was nowhere to be found.  I would run home every night, cook a late supper, clean up, put my daughter to bed and then sit catatonic on the couch.  I would have offers of help but I wanted to somehow feel as though i was contributing to the household.

My Why

While I was sitting there attempting to be part of the family, my mind would race far away.  What did I forget?  What do I have to prepare for tomorrow?  What disaster am I walking into tomorrow? Consumed.  Catatonic.  Cathartic.  Just a few words that come to mind.  This was not sustainable for anyone- especially me.

Finally, a break came whether I liked it or not, whether I agreed with it or not.  Perhaps, it was the best thing for me.  Overtime, I have realized that I needed to re-evaluate my goal and my purpose.  I need to understand that I have a self-worth and I must be able to maintain a better balance.  I have to do it for me and for my family.  Yes, there are busy seasons of work and of home, but overall these two parts of us working Moms (and Dads) need to be able to come together for the benefit of all- including ourselves.  Recognizing this is the first step- perhaps the most important step.

I wanted to write my blog as a journey through this process and share with you what I have learned and what I continue to learn on a daily basis.  Please join me.

Welcome to my Guide!




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