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Father’s Day: Planning Early

Every holiday poses a challenge for me.  Not only do I struggle with my time management around shopping and preparing, but I also often struggle with just the art of gift giving.  Especially for my husband.  You see, he is a very independent person who (although spoils the family) doesn’t really give any holiday much thought for himself.  This is true at Christmas, his Birthday, and also Father’s Day!  He never has any wishes or wants when it comes to gifting.
Do you know one of those people?  The type when you ask what they want and their answer is inevitably “nothing” or “I have everything I need”.  Although the latter may make some swoon, it gives me palpitations.   Not the ‘in love’ cutesy palpitations but the kind that leave you freaking out.  You see, I am one of those who want to give a gift and acknowledge the person.  Furthermore, I want the gift to be something they desire and deserve.
The ultimate irony of this whole thing is that every time I do get an idea of what I want to get him, he comes home with it! Yep.
There was the ice fishing shack incident, the trail cam incident, the latest movie incident, and the various tool incidents.  I now just assume he somehow reads my mind and right when I am about to purchase something for him, he pounces first.  We laugh about it.  Well, he laughs and I chuckle to the best of my ability.
So assuming this will happen again this year, I set out on a trek to find something for him and along the way wanted to share some great ideas with you.  I needed to start planning this early so that if I need to make a last minute change, I will have enough time.
Below, you will find some ideas I am looking at for my husband.  He is more of an outdoors kind of guy and so this genre of a gift guide suits him best.
Here are some unique gifts for the career oriented Dad:

Last but not least, here is a gift guide for the sports lover in your life.  There are some ideas in here that cross over to the career gift guide as well.

I hope some of my ideas help you plan what you are gifting for Father’s Day.  So far, I know one thing for sure that my husband will be getting come this Father’s Day.  I will make him his favorite Bourbon Pecan Pie.  It is absolutely out of this world delicious!
I will share that in my next post…

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